The Weigh-In: Social Media Opinion Roundup

social media debate, core ideas, the value of social mediaTo quote a title from Ventureneer’s ebook about nonprofits and social media, “It Ain’t Optional.”

That’s one opinion. Opinions get debated daily on what social media is, is social media worth using and which social media tool is best for ROI. Here’s a roundup of some current thoughts on the topic – in case you’re on the fence, skeptical, just plain ignoring it or maybe even loving social media.

Social plinth

What is it? There are as many definitions of what social media is, as there are Pantone colors. Pick your fav and run with it.

Is social media a fad? Check out this informative and entertaining infographic. Maybe you’ll change your opinion?

Social satire

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Twitter, via @GreenlightsATX overcomes being wary and intimidated by Twitter, and runs a successful conference with the tool.

What would life be like without Twitter? @socialmedia2day + @hubspot take a humorous approach to the idea.

Social currency

Geoff Livingston explains Why You Want the Link Love. An endorsement of your content is gold – providing credibility and trust.

Serious Play: The Business of Social Currency gets batted about at the Harvard Business Review. Everything from our friends to our favorite brands have value, and can be bought and sold. Are you game?

Where are you on the social media opinion meter? Is it a flash or here to stay?

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